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 Hunter Apply

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PostSubject: Hunter Apply   Sun Dec 13, 2009 12:53 am

application format
Character name: Rouda
Character race: Nightelf
Character class AND SPEC: Hunter Survival
Character level: 80
Character professions: Skinning Lw
Character profile:

Something about yourself.
Your name: Jeppe
Your age: 16
Your location: Denmark
Your interests: playing some wow with some irl friends/ Being togather with friends
Additional info: im newly geared you can see that i got okay gear since i dinged 80 at 6/12/09 and i know nighthawkdk and adora in real life

Something about your motivation.
What is the main reason you play WoW? : because i like to raid and have some fun. i also like to be in a hardcore guild thats raiding more than 4-6 times a week

What is the main reason you want to join Divinity?: because i have only heard so much good thing's about divinity + (i want to play with some irl friends in Divinity)
What was your previous guild en why did you leave it?: Just migrated to server but played horde b4 on my pala (Roudadin, Skullcrusher, Paladin)
What do you expect from Divinity?: that il mby get a chance to raid 3-5 times a week so i can show my skills ;b
What times do you play on average?: from 15:00 To 23:00

Knowledge of the game
What is the greatest weakness of your class?: that i need to get in range of mobs
What is the greatest strength of your class?: that i am ranged and i got a misdirection
Raiding experiance instances done ?: PreBc:(Naxx, Zg, Bwl, Moltencore) BC:(Magt, Za, Kara, Gruul) Wotlk:(Toc10, Naxx10-25, (uldar10-25 but only cleared 2-4 bosses), Os10-25, Onyxia10-25, VoA10-25,)

Regards Tha Op HUNTARD >Rouda<
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PostSubject: Re: Hunter Apply   Sun Dec 13, 2009 1:20 pm

you're missing a lot of enchants.
You have a non-epic weapon, which I think hunters kind of rely on. your gear says that you're ready for naxx 25 and ulduar 10.... I really think you need a lot of upgrades before we do anything.

Flowerhowl gets the final vote but I think you need a lot of upgrades first.



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PostSubject: Hunter Apply   Sun Dec 13, 2009 2:19 pm

Yea i know but still, i am trying to get some gear but yea i know my Staff and gun sucks, and my gear isen't enchanted because i am going to replace some soon when i get badges for it Smile

Tha Op Huntard >Rouda<
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PostSubject: Re: Hunter Apply   Mon Dec 14, 2009 3:32 pm

We don't have any hunter raiding spots available atm.

I heard from Adora that you would consider a social (non-raider) spot as well.
If you would like that, please let us know.

Hunter CL
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PostSubject: Re: Hunter Apply   

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Hunter Apply
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